Spare parts and accessories
Technology LLC sells a wide range of original components, consumable materials and spare parts for oil and gas equipment with high performance.
Telescopic tip and cover
The telescopic tip provides filling of petroleum products under the layer from the bottom into any types of tanks, excluding the appearance of the "falling jet" effect, in accordance with safety requirements during filling operations. The telescopic tip is equipped with:

 — a conical lid to cover any existing neck of a tank car designed for the transportation of petroleum products;
 — plain cover to cover the main necks of railway tank cars;
 — vapor vent nozzle for connecting a flexible hose and for removing vapors displaced from the filling area into the vapor recovery system, thereby ensuring compliance with the requirements of the legislation on environmental protection and labor protection.

Depending on the customer's requirements, the tip can be completed with: a limit level sensor; level gauge and other means of monitoring the parameters of shipped petroleum products.
Hand winches
The hand winch is a component part of the telescopic tip, which is used in vertical cylindrical tanks for petroleum products and is installed on the lower belt of the tank wall.

The winch is designed for lifting and lowering pipes for the petroleum intake. It can be used for other purposes within the limits of its technical characteristics.
Dry connector couplings
Dry connector couplings are designed for quick and tight connection of filling devices to the bottom valves of transport containers. The design of the valve eliminates product leakage when undocking filled containers.

Depending on the customer's requirements, the devices can be equipped with breakaway couplings, which exclude catastrophic consequences when the transport container moves with a connected loading device.

A wide range of dry connector couplings allows you to choose the required version and size for connection to any tank car and tank container.
Swivel Bearing
The swivel bearing is used for the movable and tight joint of steel pipelines. Heat treated raceways provide easy movement of mateable pipelines for long service life.

The bearings are produced with flanged connections to the pipeline and welded ends. Bearings are made of constructional and alloy steel. There is also a special version for aggressive medium — bearings coated with fluoroplastic (the material, which is most inert in relation to the most aggressive liquids).
Gas filter separators
The gas filter separator is designed for cleaning the liquid from mechanical impurities, dross, suspended particles and dissolved gases, which significantly increases the accounting accuracy of released petroleum products. The gas filter separator is used in combination with flow meters or measuring systems in stationary installations for filling and pumping crude oil, oil products or other liquids.

The contamination level of the filter element is determined by the readings of the differential pressure on the pressure gauges and by the productive capacity at the inlet and outlet nozzles. Filtration fineness is determined by the customer and can be changed during operation by replacing the filter element.

Liquid filter
The liquid filter is designed for cleaning the liquid from mechanical impurities, dross, suspended particles, which significantly extends the service life of pumps and shut-off and control valves, and also improves the quality of the released petroleum products. The liquid filter is used in combination with flow meters or measuring systems in stationary installations for filling and pumping crude oil, oil products or other liquids.

The contamination level of the filter element is determined by the readings of the differential pressure on the pressure gauges and by the productive capacity at the inlet and outlet nozzles. Filtration fineness is determined by the customer and can be changed during operation by replacing the filter element.

Technology LLC sells flanges of its own production, including flange-blanks (stamping) and finished machined flanges of standard sizes, flanges in accordance with GOST.

For many years we have been supplying high quality products to leading Russian and foreign companies. Flange connections of our production are in constant demand among oil and gas companies.

Water separators
Designed to separate free moisture from petroleum products.

The production quality of all components and spare parts is guaranteed by the quality management and control system. All manufactured products have Certificates of Conformity, TR CU Certificates.

Hydraulic damper
The hydraulic damper is designed to absorb hydraulic shocks and excludes the destruction of pipelines and equipment due to thermal expansion, pressure pulsations and vibrations when pumping petroleum products in closed systems, by absorbing the released excess volume.

The use of a hydraulic damper makes it possible to exclude the safety valve and its water drainage line from the closed system.

Transition ladders
Transition ladders are designed for quick, convenient and safe access of service personnel to transport tanks from service platforms and overpasses. The ladder is equipped with a folding step to protect the operator's legs from possible pinching.

The ladders can be equipped with displacement mechanisms for more accurate positioning of the exit point to the canister. The bumper design excludes spark formation when the ladder touches the tank.

The ladders can be equipped with an additional safety ring that protects the service personnel during work and movement around the tank. Depending on the customer's requirements, the ladders can be equipped with sensors for monitoring garage and working position.

Service platforms
The platforms are designed for safe and convenient filling or discharge of oil, oil products and other liquids, as well as for other operations at oil product supply facilities. The platforms can be used in various industries, at petroleum storage depots, petroleum refineries and other facilities that need access to tank cars, rail tank cars or other facilities.
Organ-type sampling device SD
Designed for spot (portioned, layer-by-layer, differentiated) sampling in accordance with the requirements of GOST 2517−85 from tanks with oil and oil products, as well as other technical fluids that do not cause destruction of units and parts of the product.

Spot samples are taken from levels located at predetermined intervals within the filling height of the product stored in the tank. The number and range of heights of the sampling points are determined by the terms of the customer's technical specifications. Sampling and draining operations are controlled through the take-up unit. Before sampling, the product settled in the sampling column is drained back into the tank using a pumping system.

Dry type quick disconnect coupling
Prevents product loss, accidental spills and disconnection when the valve is open.

This type of connection is indispensable when pumping an expensive or hazardous product, when the cost of eliminating the leak is high.

The open / close actuator arm ensures that fluid can only flow after the connection is securely locked. The actuator arm provides smooth opening and closing even for high pressure.
Camlock is a quick disconnect coupling, abbreviated as QDC, of a cam-type used for quick connection of hoses and hoses with a diameter of 13 mm (½ ") to 200 mm (8"), as well as for connection to various equipment or tanks.

It is the most common method of quick disconnect couplings providing a hermetically sealed, reliable and vibration-resistant coupling at pressures up to 20 atmospheres and temperatures from -40 ° C to + 260 ° C for almost any working environment.

The fixing of the counterpart inside the receiving part takes place with the help of two handles located on the sides of the receiving part. At the moment when the two parts are joining, the handles are located perpendicular to the body frame. When lowering the handles down, their protrusions fall into the groove, and the connection is securely fixed by the eccentric principle. At the same time, the connection is sealed by aligning the head of the counterpart with the gasket located inside the counterpart.

Size range, inch (mm): ½ (13), ¾ (20), 1 (25), 1 ¼ (32), 1 ½ (40), 2 (50), 2 ½ (60), 3 (75), 4 (100), 5 (125), 6 (150), 8 (200).

It is made and accordingly designated: from aluminum — AL, stainless steel AISI 316, AISI 304 — respectively SS316, SS304, brass — BR, bronze — BN, polypropylene — PN. BSP thread as standard, NPT thread on request.
Metal structures
We sell non-standard products of any complexity that are designed, developed and manufactured specifically for oil and gas facilities.

Technology LLC is one of the few companies in Russia that is able to design and manufacture non-standard metal structures that are not available on free sales and in the warehouses of metal manufacturers.

Gas vent stack
Gas vent stack (flare stack) is used for processing emergency discharges of gases and vapors into the atmosphere through dispersion.

The parameters of the manufactured vent stacks are determined by the type and number of discharges, pressure, hazard class, category and group of environment, as well as the place of installation and operating temperature. The support structure of the vent stack can be made with guylines, self-supporting and tower type.

All technical characteristics, design and configuration of the vent stack are calculated and manufactured individually, based on the needs and requirements of the Customer.
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